Recycling, Surplus, & Solid Waste Technician

University of Idaho

Moscow, ID

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Posted: June 1, 2022

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Job Description

Position Overview
Working within a team environment and under the general direction of the RSSW Supervisor, the incumbent of this position performs skilled duties in support of departmental goals involving the management and operation of the recycling, surplus and solid waste programs at the university. The work includes: loading, unloading, picking-up and delivering surplus, recyclable and solid waste items; handling, sorting, categorizing and disposing of these materials; tracking all property being handled from receipt to final disposition; entering data and managing electronic information using various computer software programs; developing new outlets for disbursement of surplus or recyclable property; operating trucks, forklifts, scales and a variety of other moving and handling equipment; providing support and assistance to departmental programs; and contributing to the team effort.

This is an essential position that will be called upon in the event of an emergency and/or University closure.
Unit Overview
Facilities’ mission is to provide a safe, aesthetic, functional, and efficient learning environment. Facilities is comprised of several departments including Building Trades and Maintenance, Building Services, Landscape and Hardscape shops, and Administrative Services. Working together cohesively, these groups accomplish Facilities’ mission by performing maintenance, repair, renovation, and cleaning of all buildings, grounds, and infrastructure on campus. An essential unit on campus, the Recycling, Surplus and Solid Waste division of Administrative Services provides waste removal from campus, be that through recycling, surplus sales and solid waste services. This position supports those services.
A visa sponsorship is available for the position listed in this vacancy. Uncertain
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Position Responsibilities
Key Accountability Assists with the campus solid waste program by:
Job Duties
Collecting solid waste, electronic waste, bulky items and recyclable materials from waste station sites, dumpsters and other exterior trash and recycling stations on campus.
Sorting, packaging and shipping materials that are prohibited from disposal in the standard waste stream including e-waste, fluorescent lights, lab equipment and metals.
Coordinating solid waste collection efforts with other private service providers on campus.
Driving a daily tow unit route for waste disposal.
Transporting bulk material in large drop boxes utilizing a 2-ton shuttle-lift truck.
Operating equipment to crush and compact materials and monitoring the equipment for fullness and service needs.
Monitoring and responding to the need for additional collection effort during special events or to meet other University needs.
Repairing and maintaining solid waste equipment on a needed basis.
Monitoring solid waste collection through the use of online programs and tracking usage with the use of office programs.
Key Accountability Assists with the campus recycling program by:
Job Duties
Covering, loading and transporting drop boxes using a hook-lift shuttle bed system enabling the central collection of recyclable materials from pre-determined campus routes and stations.
Operating sorting belts, conveyors, box tippers, a barrel dumper, forklifts and pallet jacks to ensure the continued flow of all materials in and out of the recycling center.
Sorting, storing, packaging and preparing for shipment a variety of hazardous, semi-hazardous and recyclable materials following standards developed by the University’s Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department.
Ensuring the safety and integrity of materials following industry specifications when shipping to off-site locations.
Completing the appropriate paperwork and electronic records to account for the receipt, disposal and/or shipment of materials.
Key Accountability Assists with the campus surplus program by:
Job Duties
Advising University staff regarding State and Federal property disposal requirements, procedures and compliance issues.
Collecting, handling and tracking surplus property generated at the University from receipt through final disposition.
Coordinating the receipt, storage and sale of surplus property.
Categorizing items for processing and ensuring accountability for the property by tracking its possession using a computer database.
Developing new sales outlets for surplus and recyclable goods.
Diagnosing, repairing, disassembling, stripping and sorting various computer components and related electronic devices for salvage or recycling.
Making minor repairs to other surplus items to regain salability.
Setting prices, collecting monies and depositing receipts for surplus items sold at weekly departmental and public sales.
Completing the appropriate paperwork and electronic records to account for the sale of property and disbursement of funds back to affected departments.
Key Accountability Provides support to departmental operations and programs by:
Job Duties
Being available on a rotational basis with other team members to provide recycling and solid waste services to campus events during night and weekend hours.
Providing interim route services covering for other team members during their absence.
Maintaining and cleaning all tools, vehicles and equipment used in the course of daily duties in order to ensure good operating condition.
Performing routine safety and preventive maintenance tasks with unit vehicles and equipment on a regularly scheduled basis (e.g., tire inflation checks, fluid checks, filter checks, etc.)
Keeping the warehouse, shop, break and office areas clean and free of dirt, clutter and debris.
Providing work direction and training to temporary help, volunteers or other staff as assigned.
Using good communication and human relation skills during interaction with staff, faculty, students and the public.
Providing quality customer service to a wide and diversified customer base.
Maintaining adequate training levels on a continuing basis especially with regards to any training needs identified by EHS regarding hazardous waste procedures.
Key Accountability Contributes to the team effort and meet University of Idaho safety initiative by:
Job Duties
Maintaining open and clear communications with supervisors and co-workers.
Taking classes to maintain and improve knowledge of the handling and disposal of recyclable, surplus and solid waste materials and the handling of hazardous waste materials.
Gaining additional skill in the use, maintenance and dismantling of computers and related components; and performing other duties as assigned.
Ensuring compliance with all safety policies, procedures, and work practices established by the university.
Avoiding any activity that creates or constitutes a serious hazard to themselves or others while working for the university.
Immediately bringing any concern to his/her supervisor, or others designated by departmental/divisional procedures, if any employee believes that performing an assigned work task or activity may pose a serious risk to life or health.
Developing, approving, and/or implementing safety procedures and programs as needed, and annual performance evaluations will reflect performance in promoting safe work practices.
Position Qualifications
Required Experience
• Must have a willingness to work in a team environment, and to learn and follow set procedures and routines.
• Expressed interest in learning and acquiring skills related to recycling, surplus and solid waste.
• Experience handling, sorting, storing, or receiving materials.
• Experience setting priorities and organizing daily responsibilities.
Required Education
High School Diploma or equivalent.

Required Licensures, Certifications or other
Must possess: a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and be able to meet policy requirements for driving University vehicles.
Additional Preferred
One to two years of post-secondary education related to the solid waste and recycling industries, with emphasis on current regulations, rules, and practices; experience and/or training related to state and federal property disposal guidelines.
Experience communicating with customers and team members using a variety of methods including in-person, telephone, and email.
Experience in the operation and maintenance of vehicles or other materials-handling and mechanical equipment such as flatbed trucks, box vans, stake bed trucks, pallet jacks and scales.
Experience using computers for data entry, researching a variety of information, sending and receiving email and daily time tracking methods.
2-5 years experience in warehousing or production in a recycling, collection center or warehouse environment.
1-2 year shipping experience dealing with DOT regulations. Experience, and/or certification in forklift operations.
Experience in safely handling hazardous materials and/or certification involving hazardous materials safety training.
Physical Requirements
Ability to lift, carry and/or otherwise move up to 50 pounds in a routine, repetitive manner as needed.
Ability to work routinely on uneven and slick surfaces.
Ability to push/pull and/or otherwise move loaded wheeled carts, containers or tow units by hand over hard surfaces in inclement weather, some of which can weigh up to 1000 pounds.
Working Conditions
Must be willing to work weekends and nights for events, on-call or emergency services; have the ability to be contacted by phone; and have reliable transportation for reporting to the job site.
Working inside (heated and unheated spaces) and outside in all weather conditions performing daily required duties and tasks.
Must be willing to cross-train and perform the duties, tasks and routes of other RSSW team members as needed during absences.

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