Medical Assistant (TEMP)

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Posted: December 1, 2022

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Mission Statement

Michigan Medicine improves the health of patients, populations and communities through excellence in education, patient care, community service, research and technology development, and through leadership activities in Michigan, nationally and internationally. Our mission is guided by our Strategic Principles and has three critical components; patient care, education and research that together enhance our contribution to society.

Perks and Benefits:

Excellent medical, dental and vision coverage
2:1 Match on retirement savings
Tuition Reimbursement
Growth opportunities to higher seniority positions
Management that provides quality training and direction

Under the direction of the registered nurse (RN), the Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) Medical Assistant will perform basic patient care and specific duties which promote clinical care, safety, and comfort of the adult and pediatric patient in the PES. Is accountable for all patient care rendered, adhering to nursing care standards and for promoting teamwork among peers. Incorporates the patient relations principles into all interactions.


Directly responsible to the Clinical Supervisor, Manager, and Medical Director of PES.
Functionally responsible to the RN on the assigned shift.
Personnel supervised: None.
Interrelationships: Works effectively with patients, families, and all members of the health care team.

As directed and supervised by the RN:

Provide care on a functional basis to a patient or group of patients.
Characteristic duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Provide comfort measures for adult and pediatric patients to include provision of blankets, hot/cold packs, pillows, etc.
Transport, ambulate, move and lift patients.
Observe and document patient condition and report changes to the responsible RN and/or other care provider.
Measure and record intake and output, collect specimens and process appropriately.
Complete clothing and valuables list for patients who are admitted.
Clean and check equipment and work area. Stock medical/surgical supplies, etc.
Performs and documents certain aspects of basic and skilled patient care under direction of the responsible RN.

Measures, reports, and records vital signs, manually and per monitor (vital signs are to be taken as prescribed, and abnormal results reported immediately to the RN in charge of that patient).
Heights, weights as required.
Collects urine and stool specimens as ordered.
Assists with application of restraints as directed by Security. Provides constant monitoring of patients in restraint and seclusion. Provides care for restrained patient per policy and documents on appropriate patient care record.
Uses equipment correctly, per unit policy.
Applies clean and sterile dressings appropriately, and documents and informs RN.
Informs responsible nurse immediately of all abnormal findings.
Perform venipuncture for blood draw with a butterfly or Vacutainer/needle.
Accurately measure blood glucose using glucometer. Report results to RN and document findings.
Performs male and female catheterization for adults only using strict aseptic techniques. If resistance is met, discontinue procedure and notify RN or MD.
Provide for the safety of self, patients, and others by adherence to the hospital???s safety guidelines, policies, and practices.
Is also responsible for:

Receiving and carrying out instructions promptly, accurately, and precisely in regards to patient care and unit operations. All patient care activities will be delegated and supervised by the RN.
Communicating observations/concerns regarding a patient's condition to the responsible RN, including documentation with co-sign by the nurse.
Requesting assistance/clarification in the event of unfamiliarity with assigned tasks.
Participating in continuous quality improvement by involvement in teams as appropriate and by supporting changes recommended through the continuous quality improvement process.
May perform the following only after completion of competency based orientation/evaluation when delegated by primary nurse.

One-touch glucose monitoring
Orthostatic blood pressures
Transport patients to inpatient unit.
Is restricted from:

Accepting or relaying verbal physician orders.
Initiating written orders without RN delegation (including standing orders)
Preparing medication or administering it by any route.
Eye irrigation with normal saline solution.
Accepting primary care responsibility for any one patient or group of patients.
Independently performing initial patient assessment.
Discharge teaching.
Obtaining blood specimen from an arterial line.
Starting an IV line or heplock catheter.

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