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Posted: November 13, 2023

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Join our team at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital, and experience world-class healthcare at its best. Cleveland Clinic Indian River has been recognized as one of the top regional hospitals in South Florida. Indian River Hospital is in sunny Florida’s Treasure Coast where it is committed to providing optimal family-centric and community-focused care. At Indian River Hospital, you will be part of a collaborative, compassionate, and innovative team of caregivers. You will work with state-of-the-art technology and will build a rewarding career with one of the most respected healthcare organizations in the world. As a Radiology Technologist, you will perform radiology exams and procedures on patients of all ages. Your primary duties will include: - Performing general radiology, portable, and fluoroscopic procedures. - Assisting with scheduling patient procedures. - Educating patients regarding the procedures, equipment, and examination to ensure comfort and understanding. - Document and notify management of any malfunctions of equipment. The Ideal caregiver is someone who: - Currently has a Basic Life Support certificate. - Demonstrates effective communication skills. - Functions well under minimal supervision and in stressful situations. At Cleveland Clinic, we know what matters most. That's why we treat our caregivers as if they are our own family, and we are always creating ways to be there for you. Here, you'll find that we offer: resources to learn and grow, a fulfilling career for everyone, and comprehensive benefits that invest in your health, your physical and mental well-being and your future. When you join Cleveland Clinic, you'll be part of a supportive caregiver family that will be united in shared values and purpose to fulfill our promise of being the best place to receive care and the best place to work in healthcare.


  • Radiology Procedures: Performs those duties directly related to patient care in a radiology setting in a professional manner.
  • Performs routine radiology examinations according to the manual and written order.
  • Performs a motion-free exam, utilizing devices and techniques necessary to obtain a quality exam.
  • Performs portable/bedside examinations according to the policy manual and written order.
  • Performs fluoroscopy and invasive exams according to the policy manual and Radiologist's supervision.
  • Performs all OR and ED procedures according to the policy manual, specific OR requirements, and physician's order.
  • Performs Bone Density Procedures (DEXA) in a professional manner, producing quality exams.
  • Operates all radiography equipment safely and according to manufacturers recommendations.
  • Reviews prep information with the patient in layman's terms.
  • Provides written material when necessary.
  • Follows the appropriate procedure preparation protocol unless directed otherwise.
  • Prior to the start of any procedure, carefully explains the procedures to the patient, parent, or legal guardian, using easily understood terms and obtains verbal permission to perform the exam.
  • Obtains written consent for all invasive and contrast procedures from the patient, parent, or legal guardian prior to the exam.
  • Always obtains written consent from the patient and/or her physician for any exam performed during pregnancy.
  • Utilizes appropriate skills in accurately and descriptively documenting patient's pertinent clinical information, medical history, allergies, and other pertinent information.
  • Consults with radiologist or referring physician regarding contraindications to ordered exam.
  • Always uses a calm and understanding approach.
  • Reduces any fears or anxiety the patient may have about the procedure.
  • Assesses age specific groups and needs.
  • Communicates and acts according to age specific and cultural requirements.
  • Always makes the patient comfortable and recognizes the needs of a patient during the procedure.
  • Always provides privacy for the patient.
  • Always keeps the patient informed when additional time is needed to complete an exam or when circumstances require delays in the procedure start time.
  • Responds to emergency situations, i.e., contrast reactions and medical emergencies according to departmental, clinic, and hospital policy.
  • Makes sound clinical judgments in emergency situations.
  • General Transportation Requirements: Always transports patients to the department and back to their rooms when workload warrants or as directed by supervisors.
  • Prior to transporting a patient who is connected to O2, a cardiac monitor, or any other device, the employee will always contact a nurse.
  • Recognizes the role of a transporter in relation to the overall function of the Radiology Department and ultimately in view of total patient care.
  • Technologist/Nursing Interaction: Always assists Nursing with the correct requisition, exam, preps, and length of time a patient will be in the department.
  • Always advises the nurse in charge of the patient of any unusual occurrence which happened to the patient while in Imaging Department.
  • Advise Nursing of any signed consent forms needed prior to a procedure.
  • Always interacts with supervisor or Nursing on any error observed on the exam requisition.
  • Supports the technical and medical staff of the hospital and radiology department in all functions necessary to the completion of radiology functions.
  • General Responsibilities: Always checks the written order of the physician prior to beginning the procedure and documents in chart or on the order upon completion of procedures.
  • Maintains work area with appropriate supplies to perform job.
  • At the beginning of the shift, supplies area with the items necessary to perform daily tasks and functions.
  • At the end of the shift, returns all supplies to the appropriate area.
  • Always advise your supervisor of any items needed from the storeroom or vendor.
  • Does not overstock. Operates the required digital equipment effectively in the production, storage, filming, retrieval, and transmission of images.
  • Performs computer functions accurately and completely.
  • Immediately following an exam performs the patient/billing function.
  • Reports any equipment problems, safety issues, or patient complaints to your supervisor immediately.
  • Submits ideas for improvements or changes needed to improve department operations.
  • Answers the telephone, stating name and department, speaking in clear and moderate voice, answers questions and refers and transfers if needed.
  • Orients new personnel and assists in their transition to the work environment as assigned.
  • Provides backup assistance to other associates in the department upon completion of duties or as assigned by supervisor.
  • Abides by regulations that apply to State and National licenses.
  • Provides current documentation showing continuing medical education, certification, and license as required.
  • Wears film badge appropriately and exchanges it promptly each month.
  • Works in a cooperative manner to ensure the completion of all radiology procedures and related tasks.
  • Takes call willingly and responsibly as required.
  • Responds in a positive manner to changes in work schedule.
  • Attends and participates in monthly department meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Graduate of an accredited Radiology program.



  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification.
  • American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT)(R)
  • Holds a Florida License as a General Radiographer (RAD).

Complexity of Work:

  • All employees are expected to meet the standards of performance outlined in the Organizational-Wide Competencies listed below as applied to the position:
  • World Class Service Orientation: Includes attitude, behavior, interpersonal skill, and problem solving that enable an employee to respond to internal and external customer needs and expectations in a positive manner.
  • Adaptability: Includes teamwork and flexibility needed to fulfill job responsibilities including adapting to changes in work environment and accepting supervisory feedback.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Includes quantity and quality of desired work, as well as organization skills necessary to perform successfully.
  • Essential Job Requirements: Includes adherence to all relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines affecting the work environment, including maintenance of required competencies and communication skills.
  • Supervisory Responsibilities (if applicable): Includes overall accountability for assigned work group relative to operational goals, personnel requirements, and budgetary constraints.
  • Note: The above stated duties are intended to outline those functions typically performed by individuals assigned to this classification.
  • This description of duties is not intended to be all inclusive nor to limit the discretionary authority of supervisors to assign other tasks of similar nature or level of responsibility.

Work Experience:

  • Two years experience as an Imaging Technologist in an acute care imaging setting is recommended.
  • Knowledge of Federal and State regulatories.

Physical Requirements:

  • This position requires a mixture of moderate to heavy work as defined in the Employee Health Services Policy.
  • Physical requirements include frequent walking, sitting and standing.
  • Frequent use of the phone, computer and fax machines.
  • Frequent pushing, pulling, stooping, kneeling and crouching.
  • Mental Demands: Ability to work at a fast pace and to prioritize multiple assignments/projects and respond to numerous requests and to work collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team; ability to ensure operational efficiency; ability to problem solve and make decisions; ability to exercise self-control and tolerate stress when dealing with multiple requests and/or conflicting demands from multiple customers.
  • Special Demands: Needs minimal sustained direction in assessing needs, carrying out departmental and professional responsibilities; self-starting and self-motivating; working hours may exceed eight (8) hours per day and is based on what is needed to accomplish work at hand.
  • Confidentiality: Has limited access to the medical record for the purpose of verifying orders in the charts or prescription and to sign off after exam completion.
  • In addition, in this position the employee will be limit the PHI disclosed or requested to the amount reasonable necessary to achieve the purpose of the request.
  • The disclosures or requests that occur on a routine or recurring basis include every patient's orders need to be verified prior to the exam.
  • The employee makes these disclosures for the purpose of making sure that the correct exam is performed due to the doctors orders as well as signing off that the exam was completed of the request.
  • The disclosures or requests that occur on a routine or recurring basis include Every Radiology patient.
  • The employee makes these disclosures for the purpose of verifying orders in the charts or prescription and to sign.

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as required for procedures.
Salaries [which may be] shown on independent job search websites reflect various market averages and do not represent information obtained directly from The Cleveland Clinic. Because we value each individual candidate, we invite and encourage each candidate to discuss salary/hourly specifics during the application and hiring process.

By embracing and understanding the diversity EVERY ONE brings, Cleveland Clinic has created an inclusive culture that promotes innovation, growth, and new ideas. This has enhanced our ability to attract the best global talent to provide the best patient experience possible. Cleveland Clinic is pleased to be an equal employment/affirmative action employer: Women/Minorities/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities. Smoke/drug free environment.

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