Pediatrics - Neurology NRI (Instructor)

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Posted: May 22, 2024

Job Description


This position involves overseeing semi-independent research projects in a neuroscience laboratory. Key technical skills required include conducting mouse brain surgeries, performing two-photon imaging of optical sensors in both intact brain slices and live animals, along with foundational molecular biology techniques and proficiency in mouse husbandry. Additionally, this role entails working closely with graduate students and postdocs in a hands-on manner, fostering collaborative efforts between different research groups, and drafting manuscripts that detail research findings for publication purposes as well as preparing and submitting grant proposals.

Generic Duty-Performing Basic Neuroscience Research. 1) Specific Position Duty- Performing injecting mouse brains with viruses containing optical sensors and imaging activity of sensors in brain using two-photon imaging. 2) Specific Position Duty-Using in utero electroporation and other surgical approaches to introduce oncogenes into the developing brain to generate brain tumors. Monitoring mouse health and assessing tumor pathophysiology of brain tumors and surrounding brain.

Generic Duty-Writing Research Manuscripts and funding (NIH, foundation). Specific Position Duty-Aggregating research results into comprehensive, written research articles that will be submitted for publication within the fields of neuroscience and oncology.

Generic Duty-Assists graduate students within the lab. Specific Position Duty-Serve as a technical resource to graduate students in the lab, aiding in their acquisition of key technical skills, including surgery and in vivo imaging.

Minimum Qualifications

  • BS, PhD in the Biological Sciences. Preferably with formal training in the neurosciences
  • 5 years of post-doctoral experience in the field of neurobiology.

Must have ability to perform two-photon imaging from brain slices and cultures.

Survival surgery and injection of adult mouse brain with viruses containing optical sensors.

Imaging of sensor activity in intact brain, as well as slices.

Basic molecular skills including, gene cloning, DNA preparation.

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Job posting number:#7246838 (Ref:19524-en_US)
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